Your golden next step?

Just tap from the pool of abundance!

In my life there is a wise lady. She always says she likes to become one when she grows old, but to me she already is. In the past, when she saw me struggling with something, she would give me guidance. 

An example? I subcribed to an energy healing course some years ago. Back then I just started a new full time job next to raising my kids, my schedule was pretty full, and the course, that I was initially really looking forward to, felt like punishment. Even though I knew the healing weekends were a supercharger for my personal well being, having to step into my car on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 8 AM felt awful. I felt so much resistance in my body and couldn’t change my mindset. So, it took me half a day before I was able to enjoy the course and this was a huge energy drain. For sure my desired change was letting go of the resistance.

My friend shared a story in order to help me seeing a different perspective. I knew she was right, but, somehow, her story didn’t resonate with me or maybe the timing just wasn’t right. It just didn’t stick.

Lucky me, there are many people that share their wisdom. The world has many interesting teachers. So, I get the same ideas offered to me in different gift wraps at different moments in time. I unpack them all and everytime I do so, I get a new present. All the insights together make it possible for me to take a next step and move towards my desired change. 

And so, one day, I found my game changer and I was able to let go of my resistance and fully enjoy my energy healing course.

If I’m able to pick and choose whatever advise I can from the worlds huge pool of abundance, I might as well contribute to it and create a new gift for others. That’s why I write my blogs. I add my story to this infinite pool of wisdom. And maybe….this time it turns out to be just what you need to take your golden next step to change!

If you’re living in the Netherlands and are interested in energy/esoteric healing, feel free to have a look at the website of my beautiful teachers

If you wish to read more blogs, please see below or have a look at my blog page. Enjoy!

Inspiration overflow

I thought after writing my first few blogs that I’d written my story and that my short career as a blogger would end there. Oh, boy, how I was wrong!  When I finally started allowing my creativity to flow, I found out it’s endless. It will never stop. And yes, I’m excited, because there’s more…

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