Be patient and crack that shell!

A seagull opens an oyster by throwing it on a stone ground from a certain height. If the shell cracks, his food is readily available. If it doesn’t, he picks the shell up again, flies to an adequate height and drops the shell another time. This goes on until the shell is open. There’s no rush, the seagull knows his food will be there and he just iterates this as many times as needed.

Overlooking this scene last summer, a seed for a new blog was planted in the back of my head. Like a child that sows flowers in early spring, I watched the ground where the seed was planted daily……nothing happened. Finally, it took me almost a year to write this blog. To compare: normally a blog is on paper in half an hour and just needs 1 or 2 weeks to tweak it to the final version. 

This time it was different, I wasn’t able to finish the blog. Only when I feel a certain level of energy from the blog, it’s worth reading for others. This time I couldn’t feel it. So, I kept it stored on my phone. Sometimes I opened it to add or delete a phrase, but for weeks, I kept the blog closed, like a good bottle of wine that needs time to gain it’s taste slowly from the oak barrel.

So, I just watered the seed and allowed it to grow. I think it’s funny, that when I title my blog “be patient”, it somehow needs time. Maybe it’s because I still had to learn something? Maybe I should re-define the meaning of the word patience in my personal dictionary? I waited. 

To me patience is not being slow. It’s about not letting time influence my results. It’s about only speeding up while staying focused and paying full attention. And indeed sometimes it does take extra time, it requires a second or third iteration like the seagull needs to open the oyster.

But I know for sure, eventually I will crack that shell!

If you wish to read more blogs, please see below or have a look at my blog page. Enjoy!

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