Wise books

Whenever I read a wise book, something happens in my body. I feel a sense of bliss, a sense of coming home.

I love this feeling of being at home. At home in my body, at home at myself, at home being just me. Being the Pamela that I truly am.

To me there are multiple ways to get to this feeling. Meditation, a walk in nature, yoga and as I just mentioned also by just reading wise books. 

It’s like they’ve a certain energy of the author inside that is shared with whoever is interested in reading the story they have to tell.

To me this energy feels even like a greater gift than the book itself. But, of course, it’s the book that teaches me and nourishes me. 

As the beach season is approaching, I can highly recommend to add a beautiful wise book to your bag, next to your towel and sunscreen. 

If you’re not into spiritual books, just allow yourself their energy. By opening the book, flip through it or read just one page, you might be able to feel what I feel.

I hope you’ll feel as rewarded as I do.

A few of my favorite wise books: 

  • Walking with the Bhagavad Gita – Manshuk Patel (Part 1 is the story / Part 2 the explanation, so you will need both. ISBN Dutch 978 90 8141 249 0
  • Light on life – B.K.S. Iyengar ISBN Dutch 978 90 6963 7136 
  • The power of the now – Eckhart Tolle ISBN Dutch 97890 202 10392
  • The yoga-sutras of Patanjali – dr. I.K. Taimni ISBN Dutch 978 90 6175 075 8 (This one is not easy reading) 

© Pamela Cools – Wake up your wisdom

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Live in the moment

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