Fear is a road to nowhere. What are your after summer plans?

Summer holidays, for some of us is a time to reflect and make new plans. In September, instead of materialising these great ideas, very often our plans fade away, like the sun that is moving away from us for a while. All regular activities start again, colleagues easily fill our calendars, we bring our kids to school and sports… It’s so easy to stay in our comfort zone, go back to business as usual and forget about the new roads we planned to travel. 

One of the reasons for not taking action is fear. The fear of “can’t do it, because….”. But we can, we’re so strong. The fear is just rooted deeply within us and, sadly, this creates barriers to new opportunities. 

I found out that my fear actually prevents me from doing things that are good for me and give me energy. 

One of my fears? The fear of not being good enough.

An example? The fear of not being good enough as a blogger initially prevented me from posting for a bigger audience. Weird, because blogging makes me happy and everytime when I finish one, I’m really enthousiastic about it and I know deep within that it’s a good story. But, there it is, that tiny voice inside of me that is all of a sudden not so tiny anymore when it comes to being courageous. It starts banging on my door, shouting and there’s no way I can stop it. It makes me feel even worse about myself, because now I’m suddenly both: not a good blogger and a coward. And although my brain knows it has nothing to do with reality I can’t stop the voice. 

So, being convinced that my story is worth reading, still everytime it’s hard and exciting to press the “feel-the-fear-but-do-it-anyway-publish”-button. Anxiety is flushing through my veins and I hate this feeling. Staying in my warm, comfy cocoon is so much easier. But I won’t, I push myself over the edge again today and I realize that everytime I do so, when I just go for it, it opens up new roads for myself and others. 

And guess what? It leaves me with an enormous big smile, because if I’ve only inspired one person to pursue his or her summer dreams and start walking onto this exiting new road today, I’m a happy person! Is it you this time? 

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