Sssssst, be silent and listen to the sounds around you. Can you focus? Or does your mind take over and are you distracted by numerous thoughts? 

Did you ever drive your car to a place where you often go to and find out upon arrival that that place wasn’t the goal of today’s destination?
Did you ever finish your meal at your desk, realizing you haven’t tasted your food?
For sure I did!

Why? Because my mind was throwing all kind of irrelevant thoughts at me and my inner automatic pilot just decided to travel the most familiar road.
Why? Because I was so busy with everything else but eat that my well prepared meal lost the chance of being really tasted.

I call all this distraction “noise in my head”. My mind is knocking heavily at my front door, shouting and asking for my attention: “Let these thoughts in, let these thoughts in! You know you have plenty space.” And my mind is right, for as long as I remember there are many thoughts and they always seem to find their place indeed. They just claim their position. 

I want them to be quiet, but the more I crave for silence, somehow the more I allow them to keep on yelling at me and the less silence I get. 

So, I practice my mind: 

Focus, “Stop yelling at me.” …. I’m rewarded with noise.
Focuss, noises are banging loudly on my door.
Focusss, one tiny first step.
Focussss, I listen to the silence in between the sounds.
Focusssss, the gaps in between the noises grow bigger and increase in number.

Focussssst, did you hear the sound of silence too?

Photography by Judith Schol

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