Celebrate life!

Both! I want both:

I want to dance until the sun comes up in the morning and I want to do an early morning walk to see the same sun and nature waking up.
I want to sing loudly and feel I’m alive and I want to relax my body on my meditation cushion for an hour.
I want to enjoy an extensive dinner with family and friends and I want to be in a quiet room, pour myself a hot tea and read a book.
I want to cry from laughter and I want to feel my deepest darkest emotions. 

I don’t like the pain of these emotions, but I know feeling the pain, allowing it to show itself fully and granting it the attention it needs without feeling sorry for myself and trying to deny it, eventually will bring me joy.

I want to accept both sides of the coin and feel the liberation it brings to me. 


Enjoy your summer holidays. 

If you wish to read more blogs, please see below or have a look at my blog page. Enjoy!

Inspiration overflow

I thought after writing my first few blogs that I’d written my story and that my short career as a blogger would end there. Oh, boy, how I was wrong!  When I finally started allowing my creativity to flow, I found out it’s endless. It will never stop. And yes, I’m excited, because there’s more…

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