When do you feel free?

One of the fun parts of posting blogs is that you get connected with all kinds of people. People that you know well, people that you never met, people close by and people living at the other side of the world. People that you haven’t seen or spoken to for a long time…. The other day my cousin sent me a DM. 

My cousin is to be admired. He travels the world building rollercoasters. To me his life sounds very free and I feel jealous sometimes.

Following the DM we had a short conversation which brought me back to our childhood.

My cousin was always spending his time in nature. Fishing, making arrows from a branch with a knife, lighting fires. It was fun spending time with him, because always something unexpected happened and we usually laughed a lot. Life was never boring. 

One day, he must have been around 12 years old, he was lost. The whole family was searching for him, obviously his parents being scared something had happened to him. When finally found hours later, we found out he just went camping. He was very relaxed staring at his campfire in front of his tent, living his freedom.

Back then, I didn’t understand why he went fishing. Now I do. Now I understand. 

Freedom is not about his life travelling the world. Freedom is a feeling, a state of mind, and as a young boy, he was already aware of this.

My cousin is showing me the way. To me it’s not fishing or camping. To me it’s dancing, it’s swimming in open water, it’s singing, it’s skiing……..  Actually, it’s a lot of things. I only need to remind myself to consciously choose my freedom, to feel it and live it.

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Inspiration overflow

I thought after writing my first few blogs that I’d written my story and that my short career as a blogger would end there. Oh, boy, how I was wrong!  When I finally started allowing my creativity to flow, I found out it’s endless. It will never stop. And yes, I’m excited, because there’s more…

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  1. Yes! Thanks for reminding me ❤


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