Katrina and The Waves (1985)

Today I’m walking on sunshine, yesterday I was walking on sunshine. For a long time now I feel great and I’m walking on sunshine.

Over the past years that was not always the case. I’ve travelled a bumpy road that had highs and lows. Sometimes it was difficult to see the window of opportunities. I felt miserable and just wanted to hide myself under my duvet, a pillow on my head, lights off. As if hiding would bring me any positive news….

I listened to inspiring speeches to get me going. One of them is Oprah Winfrey’s “The Most Eye-Opening 20 minutes of Your Life.” in which she says “Turn your wounds into wisdom”. I couldn’t agree more.

These wounds can be deep. And even if they aren’t really that deep, they can feel like a small and deep hole that you can’t get out of. But hey, staying in the hole isn’t an option either. So, feeling the force of being able to drag yourself out makes you proud. And of course, I was never alone in my proces. Friends helped me dragging me out of my misery. 

And although I know there will be new wounds in the future, for now I just value this intense feeling of happiness, because one day, I just woke up, realizing I slept really well for the first time in years. Like a caterpillar finally opening his cocoon, I could feel the sun on my skin, even better, I felt I could walk on sunshine.

“I’m walking on sunshine, wooah
I’m walking on sunshine, wooah”.

Oprah Winfrey, The Most Eye-Opening 20 minutes of Your Life: https://youtu.be/BemdXBoEIoA

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