Comfort zone

What does your comfort zone look like?

I call my comfort zone my cocoon. 

My cocoon is amazing. It’s quiet, it’s soft, it’s full of love and it carries me whenever it’s needed. I’ve been inside it for a while now and honestly I’d love to spend more time here. But, I feel I can’t. The world outside is beautiful and I have a mission. To make it even more beautiful. To enjoy it and not just to get but also to bring. 

To bring what? My view on change.

Is it enough? Is this what the world really needs? Let’s find out! 

And you know what? Every time, when I make this brave decision to climb out of my comfort zone, my ego tells me not to, it tells me to stay inside my amazingly attractive and warm cocoon.

But, I decided to do it anyway, I decided to fully open my cocoon and show the world the beautiful and colourful free bird that I am.

How about you?

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Inspiration overflow

I thought after writing my first few blogs that I’d written my story and that my short career as a blogger would end there. Oh, boy, how I was wrong!  When I finally started allowing my creativity to flow, I found out it’s endless. It will never stop. And yes, I’m excited, because there’s more…

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