The acceptance of what is

He’s 88 years old. My passenger. We’re on our way to our 10 day Vipassana meditation course. It’s my second course. It’s his 15th. I sense that I can learn from him, so instead of listening to some music, my normal routine in the car, which I find very relaxing, the radio is turned off and we have a conversation. It’s an unexpected conversation as I got the request to give this man a ride only yesterday. 

I ask him how to deal with a hungry feeling during the course. During my first course I felt hungry all the time. The food is very good, but I’m only allowed to eat breakfast at 7 am and lunch at 11 am. If it’s your first course you can eat fruit at 5 pm, but as this is my second course, lunch is my last meal of the day. Although that I’m aware that I can’t meditate with a full stomach and I don’t really need the food sitting still all day, I’m worried about this anyway.

His answer: ‘I just welcome the hunger’. 

It took me a while to really understand his answer. 

It’s about accepting what is. 

I tend to want to change the situation, which is of course perfectly fine if there’s a possibility to do so. But, in numerous occasions I can’t. And if I can’t, I sometimes freeze and slide into the resistance mode of non-acceptance.

Ever since this beautiful 88 year old man entered my life, I tell myself to welcome whatever crosses my path. No judgement, no resistance, just be with it. 

It’s not always easy, but……It is what it is!

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Live in the moment

Wouldn’t it be great if I could only just be in the moment?  In the moment I experience no expectation of the future, no pain or regret from the past. The moment is the great nothingness and the overwhelming all.  I try to be in the moment…. Easier said than done and probably forever work…

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